In any commercial setting, fire safety is paramount to protect employees, customers, and even property. Fire doors play a pivotal role in containing the spread of fire and smoke. They allow safe evacuation and, in turn, minimise the possible spread of damage. Therefore, you must understand the importance and advantages associated with fire doors for commercial use. Here, we will highlight a few essentials you need to know regarding fire doors in commercial settings. 

Five critical aspects you need to know about fire doors

Here, we have compiled five hand-picked essentials you need to know about fire doors. 

Understanding fire door regulations

All commercial buildings are subjected to fire safety regulations and codes. You need to understand the requirements set by the regulatory bodies comprehensively. They may also ordain some parameters regarding the specific requirements of the fire door. 

The ratings and performance of the fire door

Fire doors are usually rated based on their ability to withstand fire and smoke for a prolonged duration, which could be 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or even 90 minutes. The preference for fire door rating could depend on building size, occupancy, and fire risk assessment. We offer a wide range of fire door options tailored to the needs of your commercial properties.

Installation and maintenance of the fire door

Proper installation and systematic maintenance are the two pivotal factors of fire doors. You should subject the fire doors to regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they remain in the best condition. This is all the more important since it should be able to prevent the spread of fire in times of crisis. 

Additional considerations

Along with fire resistance, a fire door also comes packed with a myriad of other properties, such as smoke seals, intumescent strips, and door closers. All these components collectively contribute to the performance of fire doors. They help to prevent the spread of smoke and, in turn, ensure self-closing mechanisms. 

Compliance and certification

The last factor you have to consider is compliance and certification. Choosing certified fire doors is essential to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Our products meet safety standards, compliance, and certification. We ensure our customers are investing in quality and safety. 

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