Industrial Shutters – Manual Chain Operated

Industrial Shutters are available in a wide range of styles and colours, with a variety of operational options.

These Industrial Shutters can be manufactured up to 10 metres wide and 6 metres high.

All our shutters are manufactured individually to your own specific needs and and made using only the best quality materials.

Manual Chain Operated Industrial Shutters

Our Manual Operated Industrial Shutter doors are used for commercial properties. From small industrial units to large warehouses.

Single phase and three phase motor operation are both available depending on the size and the customer’s requirements. The external finishes can be either powder or plastisol coated or the basic galvanised steel.

We would recommend not to install a chain operated door to widths exceeding 4-5 metres. We look individually at each customers needs and chose a design to suit.

Chain operated doors are made from either 18 or 20 gauge depending upon the size and design.

We use heavy duty steel angle and also windlocks to prevent doors blowing in.

Our chain operated doors are spring loaded and are used with chain and cog, with a hand chain to lift the door up or down.

These are ideal if the property does not have 3 phase supply.